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AirPux 2 Scenery Moving System

Air lifting casters install under scenery to easily lift, roll and set into place.
Air brakes install under scenery to hold scenery in place with a rubber pad.
These are excellent wagon brake or caster brake replacement!

AirPux Prop Braking Caster System

mini air braking casters hold small props with non-dynamic loads in place

Size comparison to original AirPux 2

Special Applications

Air Lift Triple Caster

  • 3″ single solid elastomer wheels
  • 1100 lb load capacity each (max 75 psi)
  • 7.4″ swivel radius
  • 9.5″ retracted height
  • 0.75″ stroke

Retractable Lazy Susan

  • retractable centre pivot to easily spin scenery
  • up to 1100 lbs of force (max 75 psi)
  • three 4.25″ non-braking brake pads
  • 6.25″ retracted height
  • 0.75″ stroke

Custom Controls For Automation Special Effects