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AirPux Scenery Moving System

Air lifting casters install under scenery to easily lift, roll and set into place.
Air brakes install under scenery to hold scenery in place with a rubber pad.
These are excellent wagon brake or caster brake replacement!

AirPux Prop Braking Caster System

mini air braking casters hold small props that have no people on them in place

Size comparison to original AirPux 2

Special Applications

Air Lift Triple Caster

  • 3″ single wheel (4″ wheel also available)
  • 1100 lb load capacity each (max 75 psi)
  • 7.9″ swivel radius
  • 9.45″ retracted height
  • 0.75″ lift (2″ lift also available)

Retractable Lazy Susan

  • retractable centre pivot to easily spin scenery
  • up to 1100 lbs of force (max 75 psi)
  • three 4.25″ non-braking brake pads
  • 6.25″ retracted height
  • 0.75″ stroke

Custom Controls For Automation Special Effects